We work with employers, design teams, contractors and suppliers, providing training and support to meet business drivers and immediate project requirements. We support our clients in two ways, through process and technology.


The UK Government Construction Strategy of 2011 has mandated the use of BIM ‘Level Two’ on all centrally procured projects from 2016. We have supported a number of major contractors in the UK understand the concepts, requirements and delivery framework for the successful implementation of BIM Level Two.

Oakwood’s consultants have provided guidance, consulting and training to clients, design teams and contractors across the UK, United States and the Middle East. We create and deliver simple and coherent modules which introduce concepts, provide awareness and practical training throughout all stages of project delivery.

We use our experience from our involvement in the UK BIM Task Group, Constructing Excellence, OpenBIM Network and various government and non-government organisations working groups.

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Oakwood have been using digital design tools for 20 years. We share our expertise through structured training in various design, analysis and visualisation tools.