Project Delivery

What we do

Oakwood have been working in project delivery since 1981. We have worked in partnership with clients, design teams and contractors delivering a range of services including steelwork detailing, precast and insitu concrete detailing. For 20 years Oakwood have been using digital design for fabrication modelling and since 2007 we have been using analysis software to create 4D programming analysis simulations.

Our project delivery expertise covers four phases across the project life cycle:

  • Capture
  • Design
  • Manage
  • Assure

We bring these phases together to integrate project delivery, underpinned by BIM workflows and processes. Our uniqueness lies in our ability to offer strategic support and guidance, the capability to manage delivery and collaborative arrangements which enable knowledge transfer.

Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is an emerging delivery process, promoting early collaboration and effective decision making, incorporating a BIM as a share resource. This enables project teams to use information in an integrated environment, increasing efficiency and reducing duplication. There are a number of requirements for IPD where Oakwood has experience.

Project phases


The project team comes together at the earliest stage, improving accuracy of decisions. The rest of the process becomes more predictable, thus avoiding costly redesign work. We assist clients in developing briefs which capture business drivers, objectives and present a clear and coherent set of requirements for the supply chain to deliver.


Collaboration between the design team, employer and contractor allows for better decision making, helping to improve quality and mitigate risk. We work alongside the core project team using our significant experience of engineering to model complex structures, producing accurate and precise building information models which can be used across the team to support understanding and decision making. We use models for 3D design coordination, 4D programming analysis and 5D cost management.


Precise virtual models are automatically part of the design, helping to reduce uncertainty in documents and interferences during construction. We create highly detailed models which are suitable for fabrication which facilitates off site manufacturing. The improved information created improves procurement processes by providing increased understanding for supply chains.


Because of careful early planning, team members are able to use materials efficiently, creating less waste. Variations are minimised, and no operational revenue is lost. Construction can be completed on schedule and on budget using 4D programme analysis to assist production control and construction management.


The delivery of accurate and precise as built data significantly reduces the on-cost of data transfer to computer aided facility management systems. We work throughout the design, procurement and construction stages validating and assuring that this information is captured and delivered according to output specifications. We ensure that employers receive the asset data that they procure, in the format that they require.

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