Dispute Resolution

Established in 1981, Oakwood  Engineering is a consultancy that specialises in delivering digital solutions that support clients inn the built environment throughout the project  lifecycle. We have an extensive team of Virtual Design & Construction professionals highly skilled in modelling information management and process improvement. Continuous innovation has led to recognition both in our local market and globally.

We have significant experience assisting the resolution of design and construction disputes in many sectors. The services that we provide in this field include:

3D Design Coordination:

  • Create reports detailing design conflicts within 3D BIM models

Forensic Validation / Auditing of 3D BIM Models

  • Provide full visibility of model content Check accuracy  and completeness against contracted BIM documentation

4D Modelling - Programme Visualisation:

  • Graphical presentation of complex programme changes and delay events - simple and intuitive for key decision makers / stakeholders who are not subject matter experts
  • Visual narratives driven by the programme data - key for presentation credibility
  • See the impact of delays unfold in real time
  • Visual logic integrity checking - an invaluable addition to the forensic delay analysis toolkit
  • Baseline v actual visual comparison
  • What-if scenarios  

3D Visualisation of Design / Construction Data:

  • Intelligently map accrued data to the model

Our deliverables include videos, time slice images and reports. These are 100% underpinned by the forensic evidence / data that support the case.