Requirements Capture

Capturing Requirements

The identification of explicit requirements is a fundamental prerequisite for a successful project. Capturing those requirements and developing a robust brief is a challenge that every project faces.

The deployment of BIM Level Two, assisting in project deliver, adds an additional dimension to this challenge – the Employer’s Information Requirements. We, unlike other consultants, do not write these requirements for our clients. We write them with our clients. We have developed a systematic process for extracting requirements throughout the entire life cycle, providing benefits for all stakeholders.


Requirements that have captured are aligned with business drivers and translated into objectives for inclusion in the Employer’s Information Requirements.

Matching Business Drivers

We assist our clients in identifying business drivers, creating and deploying strategies to meet them, whilst reducing risk and improving performance.

Oakwood’s values in our ability to facilitate engagement to understand what you want to achieve. Drivers could include:


  • Risk or opportunity management
  • Design management
  • Supply chain management
  • Asset management
  • Project management
  • Soft landings