We use our experience and knowledge to help construction organisations improve their businesses in three main ways. We help our clients improve their competitive advantage, productivity and profitability by providing them with the skills and expertise to improve independently.


Strategy 3 Themes


Business Change and Improvement

We offer strategic guidance and support which addresses leadership, software, research, training, support, and knowledge management. We are experienced at identifying barriers to innovation and developing mitigation strategies facilitating consistent BIM adoption across the organisation and its supply chain.

Oakwood support organisations determine how can using technology and innovative processes support their business drivers.

Delivery Process Improvement

We work alongside organisations to review internal processes and procedures, identifying areas for improvement. We develop software strategies and implement frameworks for the delivery of projects according to the UK Government BIM ‘Level Two’ requirement. We have experience of working with SME and large contractors, implementing BIM delivery frameworks according to an organisation’s ISO9001 quality management system, in readiness for future accreditation.

To harness the benefits of technology and innovative processes requires a robust framework for delivery. Oakwood are supporting organisations in the implementation of BIM ‘Level Two’ across projects, programmes and organisations.

Continuous Improvement

Improving performance requires measuring improvements. We work with clients to identify pragmatic metrics which indicate where improvement is being made. We capture best practice to supplement knowledge management strategies for consistent delivery.

Sustainable improvement requires small, explicit changes over time. Oakwood support organisations to measure the benefits of changes.

Strategy Example – BIM ‘Level Two’ Implementation and Delivery Framework

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We help organisations break down complex problems, defining key functions within an organisation, units which own functions, inputs, outputs and key metrics. We help construction professionals improve information flow, supporting faster decision making management more efficient.

We use a number of tools to deliver strategic consulting.

Strategy Tools


Initially we help organisations define what they want to deliver, through the briefing stage.

A valuable source of competitive advantage for any business is understanding future trends and preparing for them. Whether that is looking at trends, future requirements, technology, skills, processes and emerging client requirements. This could inform marketing plans, process improvement, human resource management or ICT/capital investment/technology strategies.

We provide clarity and specialise in making complex problems simple to understand and overcome. Simplifying delivery in the built environment.

Following the briefing stage we facilitate workshops to encourage organisations to think about, and identify, their own problems.

Every business has the ability to improve to deliver better results. This could be through improved productivity, enhanced service delivery, reduced risk or through the creation of new products or services. We help organisations in the built environment understand their networks and map interactions inside and outside the organisations. This identifies silos, poor communication networks and areas for improvement.

We provide our clients with the opportunity to learn from current best practice and industry ‘best in class’ to promote improvement.

We turn objectives and requirements into long term visions with executable delivery plans.

Through identifying business drivers, objectives and requirements and acquiring buy-in and commitment from the organisation’s employees a vision and strategy can be created and deployed. In any change management strategy having a clear vision for the future direction of the business is critical.We also use Lean tools, such as value stream mapping to identify non-value adding activities that exist within businesses. This improves the design of new processes, removing waste and improving productivity and the bottom line.

We help our clients produce organisation road maps for change management and business improvement plans. Our plan is to ensure our clients have the ability to self-deliver, improving the value we provide.

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