Oakwood Engineering News

01 November

Oakwood and Canary Wharf.

We have been working on projects in and around Canary Wharf Since the 80s. From early 2D steelwork detailing to present day detailed 4D, BIM and VR projects. There is no substitute for experience, and here at Oakwood Engineering we have almost 37 years of it.

We were involved on the iconic One Canada Square in the early days. This building has become synonymous with the area of Canary Wharf and you can't mention the place without thinking of this large pointed tower (which was originally called Canary Wharf Tower).

Since that time we have taken on more and more projects and so today we can be proud to say that here at Oakwood we have had a large part in the development of London's second financial district.

We look forward to assisting contractors to develop this magnificent area for years to come, adding to our aleady vast wealth of knowledge and experience.