Oakwood Engineering News

05 December

Viva la Vive!

We are excited about a number of things VR related at the moment. VR BIM is becoming increasingly valuable as new and innovative ways to utilise the immersive qualities of Virtual Reality are developed. This technology is set to take BIM to the next level. What we need to remember is that BIM is more about the information than the model itself. It's lovely to have an immersive visualisation of a finished model, but without the information, it's just not BIM.

Another thing that has grabbed our attention is the possibility of being able to insert 3D laser scanned point clouds into the HTC Vive platform, which means any environment can be laser scanned and then explored in a fully immersive gaming type platform. This has the potential to be a great tool in the pre-design phase of a project, to explore the topography of a site, identify possible risks and evaluate suitability of sites or certain areas of sites.

There are more great technological advances to come in the future, but Oakwood Engineering has really taken a huge step forward in 2016 and are ready to embrace any new technology that we think will be advantageous to our clients.