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Viva la Vive!

We are excited about a number of things VR related at the moment. VR BIM is becoming increasingly valuable as new and innovative ways to utilise the immersive qualities of Virtual Reality are developed....

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05 December

Oakwood Engineering

Oakwood Engineering is a consultancy that specialises in delivering solutions that support clients in the built environment throughout the project lifecycle. We have an extensive team of Virtual Design...

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30 April

Building Bridges - Connecting Sides

Here at Oakwood Engineering, we are not only experts at building physical bridges (our steelwork department are currently modelling 2 viaducts), but we are also experts in building relationship bridges...

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06 October

Another Award for Oakwood

Oakwood Engineering are delighted to announce that we have won another award. We have won the Total BIM Project of the Year at the UK Tekla Awards 2015 for the Manchester Victoria Station project!...

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30 September

BIM-Unity – VR Clash Detection

Right now I am part of a two man team working on the development of a more advanced virtual reality game for use in BIM. With the use of the game engine we are creating an access HUB in game through...

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18 September

Modelling Existing Conditions

Not every construction Tender will be on a clean site. In fact every site will have its own characteristics which will need to be considered. This weeks site is a docking area with some untreated land,...

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28 August

4D saves lives!

Our award winning Gravesend Station re-modelling project could have actually saved lives as well as time and money. Because of the comprehensive 4D model Oakwood Engineering produced, the project was...

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27 August

The Oculus Rift

I have been developing a new system for viewing architectural models using a Video Game engine to create a simple easy to play platform in which clients can explore their site in much greater detail...

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27 August

BIM - Information, Information, Information

The most important letter in the BIM acronym is the ‘I’. Information. It’s what BIM is all about. First, we start with the EIR: Employee Information Requirements. This is a document that should...

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13 August