BIM Management

What We Do

Our team of BIM Consultants, Construction Modellers and Information Managers have vast experience of specifying, creating and managing information models. We provide support to clients and developers, design teams, contractors and suppliers and asset managers. Our independence and experience enables us to work across all software platforms offering flexibility in meeting business drivers. We collaborate with project teams to identify the most suitable strategy for project delivery, irrespective of software choices.

BIM is an evolving management process which is underpinned by new processes and techniques. We are focused on remaining at the leading edge of the industry by working alongside BuildingSmart, Constructing Excellence, the OPEN BIM Network and our link with the University of Salford. Our work with the University includes participation in the MSc BIM & Integrated Design programme and the Open BIM Xchange.

We adopt BIM related processes to deliver the following services:

  • 3D Construction Modelling
  • 3D Digital Surveying
  • 3D Printing
  • 3D Design Coordination
  • 4D Construction Simulation
  • 5D Modelling – Guidance, creation and delivery
  • Asset Information Modelling
  • Augmented Reality
  • Construction Animation
  • Forensic Planning

Simplifying delivery

We work throughout the construction life cycle providing strategic guidance, delivery services and training support. We assist our clients in identifying business drivers, creating and deploying strategies to meet them, whilst reducing risk and improving performance.

Oakwood’s proposed approach to BIM implementation is delivered in two stages – strategy and delivery with support and guidance. Our strategy aims to support our partners deliver BIM Level 2 consistency and facilitate self-delivery by the business to reduce ongoing costs.

Building Information Modelling is a management process.
BIM is not a technology or the creation of a 3D model. It is the management process underpinned by collaboration using structured and shareable information.

A Building Information Model is about information.
It relates to a building or infrastructure asset rich in graphical and non-graphical information and created with reference to a 3D model.

Value arises by understanding how often, and for how many uses, information can be utilised.

We assist our clients simplify the delivery of their built environment assets by supporting the creation, deployment and management of BIM and information management strategies covering the entire life cycle.

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